Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daughtery/ Bon Jovi Concert

Here are some pictures from our fun night out to see Daughtery and Bon Jovi (BJ).
We had a good time, however, BJ is getting old and after 3 times seeing them in the last 2 years- I was a little bored with him but Daughtery was AWESOME.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't you just love....

10. McDonald's Sweet Tea? Yep, I think I found a replacement for their Diet Coke.
9. Oreo Balls? Need I say more?
8. Judge Judy? Yep....Brian B. I am a closet Judge Judy lover. I want to be her. She always says what is on her mind.
7. Putting your fat Jeans on and they fall off a little bit.
6. Oreo Balls.
5. The first day it is warm enough to go outside and let the kids play? Still waiting for this.
4. Snugglin in bed w/ the whole family on a cold day, including the gimpy smelly dog.
3. Maid service. Had this when I worked full time. It was awesome.
2. Oreo balls.
and the #1...
When God answers your prayers for something you have been praying really hard about
-- not for your own purpose but for those friends and family members you love!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


1. 1/28 Aaron Cuts a new tooth

2. 1/30 Aaron sits up

3. 1/31 Aaron get on all fours to move around

READY FOR # 4......


Abbey Says Goodbye to a Dear Ole' Friend

No folks, it's not Bun-Bun. It's her Nebulizer mask. Tuesday was her last appointment (God willing) at Children's w/ her Pulmonologist, who was great! Abbey was weaned from her Meds and now no more neb at night. YEAH--Thank GOD! (I think no Daycare had a hand in it as well.) The doctor said that it's a good sign she is doing so well in the middle of winter. Let's Pray we have no set backs.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Who the hell has the right to steal our credit card number and use it? Last night, during the super bowl, our credit card's fraud division--thank God for them--called to see if we made a purchase in San Francisco. UMMMM --no--wish i was there but NO! They also stopped purchases in New Zealand- not sure where the heck that is or if i even spelled it correctly. What an aweful feeling. I would never think of doing anything like that! It's just wrong.