Monday, June 30, 2008

Bump in the Night

This past weekend we went to see my new nephew Mason in Indy at Riley's Hospital. To see the going on's about it, go here to Megzy's website. He is doing great and is ready to be released tomorrow which is a great blessing from God.
It was a great visit. I was formally designated the favorite auntie. (Ree Ree, just let it be. You know it's true.) Everytime I talked to Mason, he just had to open his eyes to look at me and bat his beautiful long lashes at me. That was the best part of the trip.
However, we did get about an hour of shopping in the city and Big Mare bought us whatever we wanted. She even bought us lunch and dinner. Today, she told me she had such a good time that she is going to start saving so we can do it a few times a year. This was the first time EVER that my mom and sisters actually have done an overnight trip and it was so nice. We stayed at my sister and brother in law's house in Carmel. Their house is HUGE. Tyler, my nephew, was gracious enough to give his bed to Ree Ree and myself. Just as we fell asleep....I fell out of bed....screaming the whole way down. I must have been dreaming but I don't remember about what. Normally, when you fall, you brace your self but not this time, just one large THUD...entire body on the floor at one time. Needless to say, we laughed out loud about it for about 15 minutes before we could fall asleep. I'm still waiting to see what type of bruises appear but so far, nothing.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Tonight after Aidan's Baseball game we decided to go to Noah's baseball game. From what I saw, it was Great! They won and I hear things were a little exciting after I left. Anyway, I was teasing Reece about a little girl in his class that he was talking to and tickling him. To much of my surprise, someone came up behind me and pinched me on my butt!
I twisted around so fast to yell at Dan that it was not appropriate to do such a thing at a BB field w/ a gazillion kids around but I looked down to find that it was.........................................................

MATT MATT-my 5 year old nephew :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Potty Training Update

Well, there is no update. Peeing in the potty for Abbey is nil. I have come to believe it might be sheer laziness. For example, I was changing Aaron's diaper this morning and Abbey was standing next to me. I told her go potty. She said that she didn't need to and then 2 seconds later proceeded to look at me and pee herself--standing there right next to me. I've tried everything. Bribes, forgetting about it and putting pull ups back on, time outs, positive encouragement, ....she is even wearing a diaper from Aaron. Nothing is going to work. I repeatedly told her when there are things to do for fun that she is not able to participate in that it was due to her not being a big girl--does not phase her. She has her eye on a princess bike but I keep telling her that she does not get it until she is a big girl.. Should I buy it and keep it in eye's distance and not let her ride it unless she goes potty? I know people will say she is not ready, however, in some cultures, they say babies like 6 months old could be potty trained. I also read that Americans are lazy and hold off on potty training for their own reasons. Maybe so...Maybe I missed the boat w/ Abbey and she was ready a long time ago and didn't realize it and now she is way to far gone.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Moon was Full Saturday Night....

I had the pleasure of spending my Birthday at my cousins wedding. I believe someone over served me. Anyway, Big Mare (my mom) left the same time as us. She was driving next to us and she flipped us the bird---HOW DARN SHE! I couldn't let her get away with such an obscene gesture so I had to remind her what I looked like 34 years ago when the doctor slapped me on the ass. Yep---the moon was bright and full. Needless to say, CoCo had to take the steer wheel while Big Mare laughed HER ass off.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Should we be offended?

Our next door neighbors just put up a fence. Now....this ain't your ordinary wood picket fence. We are talking 7ft, white PVC Privacy fence. I think, normally, ordinary fences run 5-6 ft in height. It is a very nice fence and I like to think we have a good relationship with our neighbors. In fact, our kids play very well together. Maybe I'm just being paranoid....
They just got a new puppy and have a pool and already started taking the fence around it.
What do you think?