Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm a nicer person...

Boy--I think I need to drink more often. I'm a light weight. After 3 Mikes Hard Lemonades I'm sitting here feeling....well.... pleasant. I actually find myself quite funny.


OK: I'm not one to get into a great debate about politics. However, how many people do you think vote because they were brought up by their parents to be a democrat or republican? I certainly voted the way my parents wanted me too the first time I voted at the age of 18.

Do you get irritated at the people that shove their party down your throat and look down at you because you are one or the other? I do.

Do you vote because McCain simply is a Republican?
Do you vote because Obama simply is a Democrat?
Are you going to judge the candiate by the changes they want to make or the policies they are going to keep?
If you watched the Democratic Convention and are swayed to vote for Obama, are you going to watch McCain's speech next week as well?

I did watch the Obama speech the other night and will watch McCain this coming week.
If I had to vote right now, it would be Obama. Change really is needed and McCain will have to convince me that he is the guy to do it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Titty Tat Priorities

Nope.... it's not a boob tatoo.
It has nothing to do with nakedness.

It's how Abbey says: Kitty Cat.

Dan recently went to Arizona for work and brought back a stuffed cat for Abbey, a webkinz for Aidan and a football for Aaron. In addition to a TShirt for himself and a hat. Me...nothing. I feel so left out:(

Not really but isn't it funny how priorities change as you get older?
--How birthdays no longer want to be celebrated the older you are.
--How Christmas presents no longer are a priority for you but love to watch what you got other people.
--How the best thing to do on a Saturday night is to go see a friends new baby and be totally excited about it. CONGRATULATIONS SHAWNIE AND BRIAN ON YOUR NEW ADDITION JACK ANTHONY!
--How sitting at home just chilling out is so nice.
--How once, your clean and organized home, is now sprawled with toys everywhere and cleaning is not such a priority when friends are coming over.
--How you wouldn't be caught dead watching the daytime "Judge" shows but actually love watching Judge Judy. (Ok, Ok...maybe just me.)
By the way....while I am on the subject....when she retires, I gonna take over. I could be her daughter. I love her and I love that she can say what she wants and get away with it.
That is what I want to be when I grow up....How about you?

Thursday, August 21, 2008


So it was not such a good day for me. Despite getting some good buys at Old Navy, the start to today was just bad.

Aaron decided to throw, no..not drop, throw a can of Hormel chili on my foot. Needless to say, I cried for 10 min straight holding on for dear life to the kitchen sink. I really cried...tears and all. Aaron was so scared from my bellowing that he, too, cried with me. The little stinker, after I sat down with a bag of corn on my foot, tried to go back to the lazy susan to get more amo to throw.

After I bribed Aidan to take him in the family room with him. Aidan starts yelling that Abbey has a screw driver and she is going to poke Aaron in the butt with it. With all the energy I had, I ran down to get it and yelled at Abbey like I never had before. I feel really bad cause it made her cry.

After about 10 minutes Aaron made is way up stairs and I was cuddling w/ him and CHOMP--he bit me in the shoulder so I started crying again. (I think since my foot was still throbbing.) Needless to say he took an early nap.

I had my mind set on going shopping so I wedged my fat swollen foot into a flip flop and took the kids to Old Navy after lunch. Took them to the park and picked up DQ.

The end to the day was not bad. I cooked meatloaf for dinner and had Ree Ree, Megzy, and Shawnie over. We ate pie and homemade choc chip zucchini bread that I made yesterday for dessert. Sorry if I was so crabby girls.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Blog

Look at Megzy's new blog here. It's called Prim & Proper. She has a really cool giveaway right now for a pair of earrings.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bowl for Mason

Check out my nephews blog here. We are holding a Bowl a Thon for him. He has CDLS.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Baby is 1 tomorrow!

How can it be that a year has passed already?

Aaron will be 1 tomorrow and I can't wait to see him smash the cake.

He is in full walking mode now and only crawls 30% of the time. He is my little frankenstein and devil. He gets into EVERYTHING.

I'll post more pics after his party.

Monday, August 4, 2008

How do boys know?

Aaron is not yet 1 year old but he already knows:

-How to make car noises when he plays with matchbox cars.
-Where the real fun is when changing his diaper.
-How to pull down my shirt to expose me for all to see.
-Have selective hearing.
-Know that a ball is one of the most important things in the world.

Only 6 more days until the big day. I can't believe I was big and fat this time last year.