Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thank you Dr. Brown

All that know me-know all my kids have/had reflux--colic---screaming fits--whatever you choose to call it. I decided to try the Dr. Brown bottles and yes--they really help. Aside from the strange contraption you have to put inside it and the extra parts you have to clean, they are great. Aaron has had less spitting up and seems like less irritation since I started using them for his twice a day bottle feeding. You can buy them at Babies r Us but the website for more info is http://www.handi-craft.com/.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Can't wait for shopping. Not surre if I'm more excited about the sales or elbowing rude ladies trying to get the same thing. Good excerise and stress relief. Anyway--Happy Turkey Day!

Christmas here we come. Oh, and Brian--just 2 words for ya--CHRISTMAS TREE.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do 5 Year Old's really know??

Am I doing something wrong? Am I really a bad mom that doesn't teach her kid manners?
Poor Megzy--my son--thoroughly embarressed her today at Mickey Dee's. I know he probably was just saying the obvious by saying the very very nice overweight was FAT. How do you teach a child that they cannot say what really is on their mind? I really hope the nice lady did not hear him. If she did, we are getting a bouquet of flowers and I am going to march his little ass in there and make him apologize to her for hurting her feelings. SORRY MEGZY... Aidan will also be bringing you some flowers also for embarressing you.

I think the little black book on parenting that was supposed to come w/ my first baby was accidentally whisked away with the placenta..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How smart is YOUR five year old?

So this past Sunday, Walmart came out with their toy book for Christmas. They convienently provided 12 stickers for the kids to put on their top 12 favorite gifts. So I gave it to Aidan and he decided that 12 stickers were not enough so he ripped the stickers into tiny tiny pieces and placed them on almost every toy in the book. Smart, huh?? And if that was not enough, he got out the ole' sharpie marker and circled everything that didn't have a minute piece of sticker.

Monday, November 12, 2007




Friday, November 9, 2007

One down.....Two to go!

Well, Abbey went to the Pulmonologist today for her Asthma. Since she hasn't had wheezing or breathing problems for over 6 months, the doctor thinks we can start slowly taking her off her medicine one by one. First, we are going to stop the Prevacid (for Reflux). If all goes well, we can stop the Singulair (for the Asthma) in four weeks. Then, the Pulmocort (Nebulizer treatment) will be the last to go. Please pray for good results.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Talking about signs....

Is it a sign that the night before I have to work, Aaron is up most of the night? I go into the office 2 times a week for only 2 hours. 5 out of 7 days, he sleeps really well, just gets up for a 3am feeding, and goes back to bed. Last night, he was up from 3am-5am and of course, I planned on going to work for a few hours. Is 48 hours too much every two weeks? I've been praying because it's been hard the last few weeks and very stressful. I was even contemplating on telling my boss I wanted to go to 40 hours every two weeks but haven't done it yet. Is this my sign from God telling me I should do it???If I do reduce my hours.. my pay also decreases by $4.50 an hour. Is it worth the money?

Smells like Chicken...

OK. Last night Aidan was holding Aaron and he said..

Wow Mom, I can smell Aaron's hair

I said..oh..does it smell good?

No, he said, smells like chicken!!??!!


I know at times he smells like an old man because his hair gets greasy really quick, but CHICKEN?? Come on...

Monday, November 5, 2007

HELLO --Here I am--

Sooo--I've crossed over to the 'blog-side'.

Reason for my title? It seems that whatever I try to say to someone, they either mis-interpret what I have said or.. in my kids world...they don't hear me.

Some say it's selective hearing, however, I'm starting to be convinced that they need hearing aids.

Any whooo--For those that don't know-I have a 5 year old boy, Aidan (aka Aidee bug), 2 year old, Abbey, (aka ABEE-D or BUSTA), and 3 month old, Aaron (aka SCHNOZ,yep, Aunt CoCo gave him that name). I love them to death but BOYYYY-is it hard right now w/ three kids but I wouldn't give them up for anything.