Thursday, May 29, 2008

Girls...Sugar and Spice???

I don't think so---not in my house anyways.
They say girls are easier to potty train......
She just does the exact opposite. I tell her to pee in the potty, she goes in her pants. I tell her to poop in the potty, she goes in her pants.
Is she not ready?? She will be 3 in July. Is it bad to say she is lazy? She can do it, I know she can, she's done it.

Oh, another thing the sweet princess did.... picked her nose, then wiped it on my couch. I caught her just as she was wiping it on the seat. Mean Ole mom, wiped it up with her precious blankie and she had a fit! Miraculously, she was able to clean up her blanket with a Kleenex.

YUK--I'm thinking of taking up a job sucking Porta Potty's clean. It might be more sanitary:)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tonights Prayer...

Dear Lord:

Please help my children sleep. Please give them the peace they need to settle into sweet dreams. Last night was just aweful and I was woken up every hour by one or the other including my husband, which I will forgive since it was our 8 year anniversary yesterday. Thank you for giving me "some" patience today to deal with them as they were all cranky, crabby and I was exhausted. AMEN

PS----Thanks for the sunshine but it if it was 10 degrees warmer, that would be nice --Please and thanks.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just Blah! Feel like blah! Bad weather--well--not so bad today!
Come on Summer!

Monday, May 5, 2008


It's finally official. My lil' Aidee Bug put in is notice. He didn't even give 2 weeks notice. How unprofessional. Resignation is signed, sealed and delivered.
Last week, Dan told Aidan if he could keep his room clean, he would pay him $5 after a week.
He has been doing a great job until today.
Me: Aidan, I see that your room is not very clean.
Aidan: I quit my job.
Me: You quit your job?
Aidan: Yep! I'm done cleaning.
That was it! End of story.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


We have the best night away last night. No Kids, No dogs, no one to bother us. We went to The Herrington Inn & Spa, We have a couples 60 minute massage, we walked around Geneva in the rain shopping. When we got back they had choc covered strawberries and champagne waiting for us and rose petals on the floor with the fireplace going. It was great! We definately needed the time away together for our Anniversary. This past year has been tough and our 8th Anniversary is on 5/20, so that bad 7th year will soon be over.

The only disappointment---we just happened to forget to pick up the $48,000 diamond ring we saw! Darn!