Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Duggers..Huh?

OK- so I'm sitting here watching the Duggers on TV. This is the first time I have watched it.. here is what I observed.
1. Birth Control is not in their vocabulary.
2. They a just plain nuts.
3. I think when the camera's off, they really beat their kids into submission to get them to act so well.
4. I think if they could afford a month long trip, afford the 2 campers and beautiful new house, they could spend a few hundred dollars getting appropriate car seats for their children. For goodness sakes, the baby's car seat looked 10 years old and half the booster seats did not have the strap to go across their chest.
5. How about some birth control, huh? I do have to say, most people that have lots of babies are not taken care of.. at least they are great people to take good care of their kids.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


OK--the comfy life of having that cute little guy sitting in one place, playing is over. Just today, Aaron decided he could crawl across the room faster than lightening, wave at himself, and pull himself up to a standing position. Yep--I walked in to get him at nap time and there he stood with a cheesy grin on his face.

It seems like Aaron's milestones are much greater than the other two. Why?

Because I feel like I missed the others. They probably started crawling around the same age, pulling themselves up at the same age, and watched their hands for an hour waving at themselves the same time. I feel like I missed everything because I wanted/had to work. I did choose to work so we could afford the house we are in but I think I would give it back to remember everything. I was in a good position at work and enjoyed it. I don't have a college degree and when I left working full time, I had over 20 employees under me, ran two units in the dept and had a great mentor--my boss. I became a supervisor after only working there 1.5 years. My boss is really great and lets me work from home part time which she does not allow anyone else. I'm keeping my foot in the door just in case I want to go back after the kids are in school.

Anyway, I'm not sure if would have remembered everything anyway but watching home video's helps. My opinion still does not waiver either way (stay at home versus working) but just had to ramble.

Monday, March 10, 2008

BFF's Forever

I pray that Olivia and Abbey are as close 20 years from now as they are today.
3 months from now, they will be running around in the swimming suits and splashing in the pool. chasing the beach ball as it flies away in the wind with gobbs of sunscreen on.
3 years from now, they will we attending kindergarten for the first time together, chasing each other on recess, staying away from the boys.
13 years from now, they will be running around town in the convertable car, with their string bikini on chasing boy with ZERO sunscreen on.
23 years from now, they will be running down the wedding aisle with their husbands with the other close behind as their Maid of Honor.
30 years from now, they will be running after their own children, slathering them up with screen and having couch days of their own posting pictures like this of their own.

The only evidence...

Well--I took my camera with me on our great weekend w/ Megzy and Shawnie. We had the BEST pedicure at Asha Salon. Didn't get much uninterrupted sleep but the beds were awesome. Check out Shawnies website for further details.

Friday, March 7, 2008


See ya Sunday! Going for a girls weekend away w/ Megzy and Shawnie. We have a long day of shopping tomorrow followed by a 5pm pedicure at Asha Salon. Will miss the hubby and kids but I can't WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT to sleep thru the night.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Did it pass thru the Cord???

As some of you are aware--I love Big Macs --no---I think I love McDonald's. Do you think when I was pregnant with Aaron it passed thru to his brain?? Thanks to sister Abbey--Aaron has his future decided for him..

Would you like an apple pie w/ your order?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've been tagged!!???!!HUH

Thanks Shawnie--Supposedly, I'm tagged so I have to fill out these questions:

1.What is the one BIG goal you hope to accomplish this week?
Go on a shopping trip w/ my gal pals and sleep thru the night WHOO HOO
2.What is the one household chore you do NOT like to do?
LAUNDRY-especially folding. Yep--it will sit and sit and sit until I get up the urge to fold.
3. What would you buy if someone gave you $2,000.00
Spend it on a lavish massage/make over--oh yeah--and a big Mac and a batch of oreo balls.
4. Describe yourself using one word.
5. What is the one saying or theme that you live by?
Always say I love you to my hubby and kids everyday--alot.
6. What is the one household item you can NOT live without?
Clorox Cleanup--cleans EVERYTHING and makes it smell good.
7. If you had one chance to go any where in the world where would you go?
Anywhere with a sun, hammock, and ocean.
8. List the one person you admire the most.
Hard one--Supernanny--She has the skills I need to be a "Screamfree" parent:)
9. What is one thing people may not know about you?
I have to sleep with a cotton blanket under my ears. Pillows make a crinkly sound.

OK- Jen it's your turn & Megs, I double tagging ya since I know need the extra nudge.