Monday, January 5, 2009

Mare-ism Monday---Installment #6

"I had to walk up hill --both ways to school! With no shoes on! In the snow!"

Come on-you know you've heard that one before, right? And you always said, "I'll never say ANYTHING like that to my kids." However, the opposite is true. You hear yourself saying those things like that or "I'll give you something to cry about."

But what if some of the things you were told were umm... a little bit different. Such as the sayings Mare spouted:

"I once knew a kid that...( you get to fill in the blank. Big Mare knew everyone that had a strange ailment or died a strange death such as:)

....died from choking on a superball.

....head blew up from standing on their head too long.

....had bugs in their hair for not brushing it.

....had their teeth rotted out of their mouth for not brushing them.

Yes, they are a bit far fetched but when you are 6--quite believeable.


Megan said...

Mom also knew a kid who choked on a hot dog, choked on a balloon, and oh yeah.....had a soft spot made!!! LOL

ReeRee said...

Another Marism:
DO NOT CROSS YOUR EYES! I knew a girl who did that and her eyes stayed that way forever.

mommy to an angel said...

So did Megan get bugs in her hair from not brushing it? I'm assuming that mare-ism was said to Megan, right?

mommy to an angel said...

What happened to #7?

mommy to an angel said...

Today is Monday! Are you gonna skip 2 weeks in a row?!? I was really getting into this.

ReeRee said...