Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mare-ism Monday---Installment #7

Childhood memories....

Ah the good ole' days. I remember.....

-Riding my bike, at the age of 6, thru the dirt path up to the gas station w/ a note from my mom asking for permission to sell 2 packs of Kent and 2 packs of Parliament cigarettes. It read as such:
To Whom it may concern:
Please sell 2 packs of Kent and 2 packs of Parliament cigarettes to my daughter, Kathleen.
Thank you, Mrs. Ralph Kozanda
And my special treat was to keep the change, which normally, would include a few pieces of penny candy.
-Finding out about your period and "Santa" all in the same day at the mere age of 10. This was actually Ree Ree's experience but nonetheless pretty upsetting, even until this day.

-Having such horrible sun poisoning, at the age of 16, with blisters the size of quarters on your lips. Begging to go to the doctor but instead was told "Put a tea bag on it. It will help the swelling." NOT QUITE...the only thing it did was stain the blisters BLACK for 3 days.
Yep--just another of Mare's own homemade remedies that didn't make much sense.

-Eating pot roast 3 out of the 7 days of the week. Sorry Mare--but it was soooo tough and dry and has ruined me for good. Even the best floss couldn't get it out of our teeth.

-Getting thrown (OK not literially) outside telling us not to come back until lunch time at 7:30 in the morning. We would roam the neighborhood, mooch off the nice neighbors and one of my sisters (who will remain nameless) threw herself into her creative mode making beautiful sand castles in the neighbors sand box. Only to contract some type of worm causing us to all have to take some strange type of medicine.

-Almost calling 911 in the middle of the night cause Mare decided to eat a hostess "Snowball" causing a "cat coughing a hairball up" type incident. You know the tasty treat....white coconut fluffy marshmellowie frosting on the outside and chocolate cake and vanilla cream on the inside. Mmmmmm.... I suppose the creamy inside was calling her name.
Chew and Chew Mare.

-Telling us to "Put your hands up" when you are choking. Oh yeah--that will really help the food come up.

-Doing 4 loads of your own laundry to find $5 float in the dryer--woohoo--Jackpot. Only to hear Mare yell--"That's my money."

I'm sure I could think of a dozen more, as well as my sisters. Sorry to have been delayed in getting this up but my New Years Resolution was to try to cut back on the PC.


Liam said...

did you live in the same small town I did??? I swear I did half of those things too...

mommy to an angel said...

I remember the note for cigs - my grandma used to send me and my cousin with a note :-) you wouldn't even think of doing that today!!

Leenie said...

Just for fun, let's send Olivia and Abbey into Spanks one day :))) HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

erwin said...

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