Friday, May 7, 2010

Wellllll. Helllooooo....Gorgeous!

...That is what Abbey said to me one day as I was in the shower. She flung open the door and made my day! What a good way to start one...

Has it really been that long? I just read back on my blog and love that I can read stories about the kids that I have forgotten. Since it's been a while, I'll update ya... Aidan in now 8, Abbey is 4.5, and Aaron is 2.5.

We have been busy with Baseball for Aidan, including the travel league, dance for Abbey, and Aaron....well, he just has to be watched 24/7. He climbs here, climbs there, trying to be a big boy. He is now 100% potty trained, even at night, most nights. I canNOT say the same for Abbey-D. She still struggles with wetness at night and it probably is just due to small bladder and hard sleeping, like her father. The Urologist said not to worry about it until she is 5, so I am not. Although, I have set a goal for her. If she keeps her pull-up dry, then she will get to go to Build-a-Bear and get the highly coveted Hello Kitty.

Aidan is doing GREAT in school. He was diagnosed with ADHD in October and was put on a small dose of medication. Ever since then, and an awesome teacher, he has excelled. I am so very proud of him. He is a great baseball player, helper at home and such a sweet little boy. He is always hugging me and anyone that comes thru the front door.

Dan and I took a 10 year anniversary vacation in February to Ocho Rios. We stayed at a Sandals Resort and it was the single best vacation we have had in a long time together. We had the best time and drank lots of rum.

A new Mare-ism is in the works. There have been quite a few.

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